Christian Medical Missions
Opportunities for Health Care Professionals: Physicians, Nurses, EMT's, Dentists, Pre-med Students, more, with durations of from one week to one year or more, worldwide.
Health Care Professionals
(Doctors, Nurses, Dentists, Lab Techs, EMTs, Chiropractors, etc.)

Job Openings via direct links to web pages of Christian Mission Organizations. For professionals interested in mission assignments for a month to a year or more. Some are paid openings.

Urgent Needs for medical professionals in missions.

Comprehensive Alphabetical Listing. Link to hundreds of opportunities for Short Term medical missions.

Medical and Pre-med Students (and 'wannabies'!)

An Alphabetical Listing of Opportunities for short term medical missions trips for students in health care majors, including some listings for those simply considering a health care career.

Click the Resources menu to the left, to find many valuable resources for health care professionals, including financial aid, electives, rotations, specialty training (e.g., midwifery), more.

Click here for an important book, When Healthcare Hurts, that discusses how short-term medical teams can either empower or disempower individuals and communities.

What Does "Volunteer" Mean?
Very few mission agencies can offer financial help for your mission trip. That means you will usually pay your own way - food, accommodations (often inexpensive), transportation, etc. In exchange, you will get a first-hand look at medical missions. You may be surprised at the willingness of friends and churches to help you raise the money you'll need.                          
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